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webbug on the V-Rod

webbug on his V-Rod at Al Ma'arath street in Bahrain

webbug on the V-Rod
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Al Ma'arath Street 15 Feb 2007  uae.stallion pose

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Journal of Medical Ethics blog Blog Archive Can Saving a Life be the Wrong thing to do

about the, She remained conscious and handed doctors a letter saying she wanted medical staff only to make her familiar and not to try to save her life.

They feared they would be convicted of assault if they treated her because they believed she understood what she was doing and was mentally capable of refusing treatment.

it's actually, By anyone standards, an immensely sad case and one can only speculate how hard it must have been for the doctors treating Ms Wooltorton to accede to her request. I believe, From a legal angle, What they did was straight correct (or, for the reason that BBC tells it, The coroner accepted so too: Treatment in the absence of her consent would have been unlawful Wooltorton was competent at the time, And her refusal of treatment ought to have been treated as official while she was still conscious. And while the obligation in respect of incapable adults is to act in their <a href=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutins.html>louboutin cheap</a> best interest which would have meant intervening to save the <a href=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-christian-louboutin-shoes-under-100.html>cheap louboutin heels</a> patient life in many cases nearly everywhere Wooltorton had so recently and so capably made it clear that she did not want intervention, Leads me to suspect that there probably not room to doubt that her refusal ought to stand.

(The Telegraph goes on to suggest that considered the first time someone has used a living will to commit suicide which I think isn quite right; She used a living will not to have her suicide bid stymied; This isn quite much like suicide by refusal of treatment. But that any small quibble.)

From an ethical viewpoint, I think that the doctors did the right thing in this case but as it been hard for them not to. through this, What I mean is the story tells us something actually, a few things important about the nature of moral decisionmaking.

Primary among these types of is that moral problems are problems. This audio tautologous, But that doesn mean that it a trivial article. It worth remembering that moral deliberation comes into its own not when deciding whether or not to do the right thing what kind of question would that be? But when deciding which of many different differing and exclusive options, each of which has a claim to beright, high quality, Or normal, should really draw us. Moral question, In this landscape, Is not about criticising people to be immoral, But for having made a mistake in their evaluation of which option is one among the pressing in a given situation. as an example, The doctors site had a very good moral reason to intervene based in beneficence, And a very good moral reason not to intervene based in self judgement. oftentimes, Given Ms Wooltorton history of suicide will try, Doctors would have wondered whether it was <a href=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutins.html>Discounts louboutins</a> worthy striving to save her. (they often disavow such thoughts, But I think that there nothing unforgivably unworthy about enjoyable them; What counts is whether they given proper choice.) For all these options, And for extra besides, A defensible case happens to be made. The medics had to wade through most of possible options they identified, Each of which had some kind of claim to be the right choice. Saving lives could be what's right. Letting someone die are often. And they had to perform this moral task your clock, in addition.

How we make a choice from these candidates will often be formed by our methodological and metaethical commitments. one could be rationalist about decisions, Or one might be more inclined to allow emotional things to consider to play a part, And these options might generate an answer, Or a form of answer. But there still a problem to solve about which approach one should choose and above all what the standard is by which to choose. bluntly, A lot releates to choosing between the right and the good, Because though the good thing and what's right might be the same in many cases, There also be instances when they come apart. (as an example, A doctor in the Wooltorton case might think that intervening would beoptimific, But thatabiding by the refusal will probably be right.) Yet it hard to see how we can say that one ought to be concerned for the best over the good (Or the other way around) Without either begging the question ( Good to be good or undermining our own standing up fatally ( Should be concerned with goodness because it the most appropriate conern It also tempting to think that the two might be incommensurable anyway in which case, A decision for rightness over goodness (Or added advantages over rightness) Looks to be famous brands thing that can entertain arbitrariness. And that looks like an itchy position to occupy.

right now, We might think that this is precisely where guidelines and principles come into their own they help us cut through the noise. about the other hand, The point here is that following some form of decisionmaking rubric would not have solved the moral problem it meant pretending that there was no such thing, And that you can searching to do by putting all the variables into a morality machine and turning the handle. in addition, Guidelines and aspects have to be justified somehow, So the puzzle only has really been deferred.

and i think, exceedingly, That we ought not to lose sight of the fact that Wooltorton story is a story about people. Adverting when you need to guidlines, points and rubrics might be an way of doing ethics, almost all banal. The doctors who saw her in A were in a tragic the event, In the truest sense. And there a sense in which trying to be dispassionate about a tragic situation does just belittle it.

As a practising psychiatrist in England with extensive example of managing patients with depression and personality disorder, And of applying the Mental aptitude Act 2005 (MCA) the actual Mental Health Act 2007 (MHA) On a daily basis, I plan to contribute to the debate.

Under s25 in MCA, funding Decision (advertising) Refusing therapy is only binding if it is valid and applicable. I have some reservation whether Ms. Wooltorton had full capacity right now drawing up the AD forbidding treatment for an overdose or ingestion of a toxic substance. In the for sale ads, ms. Wooltorton was quoted as stating that she called an ambulance because did not want to die alone and in pain This statement, combined with the efforts she made to draw up the AD, Lead me to believe that the act was involved in serious suicidal intent. It could be argued that the suicidal intent was a manifestation of her mental disorder which would in turn impair her ability to weigh information in the balance in the time writing the AD, Thus so that it is invalid.

Even if we were to accept the AD as valid and true and Ms. Wooltorton had capacity to refuse treatment at the time of her presentation to the hospital, Treatment could also have been gave under the MHA. Under s28 together with MCA, The MCA provisions could be overridden if the proposed treatment falls under the regulating Part 4 of the MHA. as, The AD usually are quashed by detention under s2 or s3 the MHA, that can bring the patient under the auspices of Part 4 of the MHA (Allowing process without consent, Notwithstanding the employment of capacity). in order to Ms. Wooltorton existing a diagnosis, Recurrent previous history of self harm and the significance of her current suicidal intent, It would not have been difficult to argue that she was suffering from a mental disorder of a nature and degree which warrants detention in hospital in the interest of her protection.

It is a common misconception that no ringing in the ears physical conditions can be provided under the MHA. Treating weight loss in anorexia nervosa is a prime example. In ms. Wooltorton a circumstance, It could be argued that the ingestion of the toxic substance is a symptom or manifestation of her mental disorder and therefore falls under the scope of treatment under the MHA.

On a worse note, Could the pros who were involved in setting up the AD and those who decided not to treat her in hospital, Have unknowingly assisted in her suicide, contrary to s2 of the Suicide Act 1961? My biggest concern with this case is that it could lead to suicide by the backdoor I am well aware of the euthanasia debate about whether it is ethical to use the distinction between and omission to justify withdrawing or withholding life sustaining treatment in incapacitated terminally ill patients. Could professionals be legally permitted in the future to allow patients to commit suicide their best interests because it is the patient who commits the and the professionals merely treatment? Other root questions also emerge. Is it ever simple for a person wishing to commit suicide to have full capacity? Where does this all sit with the state obligation to protect life under Article 2 of the eu Convention of Human Rights, keeping in mind the outcome of the Diane Pretty case?

Consultant psychiatrist and Lead Clinician, Fermoy element, Queen electronic Hospital, King louise

It is not possible from the information that has been published to gauge the state of mind Kerrie Wooltorton was in when she wrote her advanced directive, When she sipped the antifreeze, And when she arrived at the hospital. It would also appear that the doctors in A could not have known her state of mind at any of these stages.

They might have had reason to think that her suicide 'attempt' was a cry for help because she had called an ambulance and had made nine previous 'attempts'. Nine attempts using the same method is not a sign of a reasoned mind, And nor was her thinking prior to her death. Even without expertise in her previous attempts, Doctors cannot permit a patient to die although they wave an advanced directive at them.

As i only say, We do not have the facts so it is sometimes complicated to judge. But from what we do know it would appear the doctors did not act in the best interest of their patient. Their worries about charges with assault do not appear to carry much weight. She called an ambulance to go to A The reasons she gave for this behaviour and the reasons she expressed in her advanced directive do not change the fact that she called an ambulance to go to a place where she expected to have the poison removed from her stomach. Did she 'really' expect the medics to follow her living will? procedures often do speak louder than words.

Again I do not see this sad event definitely in moral terms. truthfully it is a moral 'problem', But before we get there we would need to know reasonably priced about Kerrie Wooltorton and the events prior to her death, Which is of course not possible. I realize you that such events cannot be reduced to 'normalised' moral problem solving. But lets not jump to having just about any moral dispute about "Having made an error" Until we understand the matter and the mistake(s). (I feel a little Wittgenstein coming on so I better stop)

You may feel I am being dispassionate about a tragic situation and thereby belittling it. I am not belittling it, But I do tend to the dispassionate when it comes to these situations.

The case is appealing to a lot of media attention. It has prompted the Health Secretary Andy Burnham to suggest that the law on advance decisions may need to be changed.

injured defended the doctors decision to accept Ms. Wooltorton advance decision have adhered to the principle that no competent person can be treated medically without consent. This principle is undoubtedly true for treatment of health conditions uncomplicated by mental health issues. But I am quite surprised that very few people have commented on the chance that Ms. Wooltorton life could have been saved by using the Mental Health Act as I had suggested in my <a href=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/christian-louboutin-for-cheap.html>louboutin cheap</a> first post. the actual outcome of completed suicide was forseeable, The intention was actually to respect the individual right to autonomy.

in relation to Wooltorton mental health, nevertheless, There no reason to feel that, at the time, She was in any way inexperienced or mentally ill so I still not clear on the legal (Or meaning) Basis for any claim that song would be OK to use the MHA to intervene. There no reason to think that a desire for death has to be an indication of a mental illness in some respect, It might be taken at face value.

I expect there an implicit pro life stance in a lot of what you suggesting; I think I might feel another post coming on when I have a chance over the next few days

Again we are unaware of the facts, but yet, as i said above, It would on the face of it appear that Ms Wooltorton's behaviour prior to her death was irrational and she did have a history of 'attempted' suicide employing the same method during the preceding year. How many 'attempted' suicides employing the same method would you take to be a sign of mental illness? As there are said, Given that she could not relatively expect that the medics would respect her AD, Her last 'attempt' at suicide did not seem the actions of a competent reasonable person.

From the limited insight we have, There would seem, As Dr Luk Ho has revealed, No injury in using the MHA to set aside the AD. I avoid rights where future, But have long maintained that steps do not trump rights. in spite of this, I don't fall for Ms Wooltorton's rights would have been infringed if she had received treatment. I recognize her AD was not witnessed and was therefore invalid under s. 25(6) your day MCA2005. the information and style of her AD concern me. she's being charged, Given her historical past, Obviously very confused about the effectiveness of the method of <a href=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/christian-louboutin-for-cheap.html>cheap louboutin</a> her suicide, And she says there exist "hundreds of reasons" For her action actuality that medics "Will not discover.

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