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Our Camp

View on our camping area taken by Prince

Our Camp
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Burning Sumr 22 Dec 2005  Chickens

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Guys these places you'v been to is amaizingly beautiful. I wish you will tell me where was this picture taken. I would luv to go there soon. Picture name is burning summer. Its the one you are preparing the tent for campinng. My email address is Kdabbagh100@Gmail.com
I am in UAE for a visit. I am Canadian, originally form Palestine. Wish you all the best. Salam.
By khaled on 10 Jan 2006  

It's called Dibba Al Bayah, for more information about this location and others please visit the following url:

By webbug on 29 May 2006  

the URL has been changed, we made it easier to be found. just click on the locations tab
By Hamad on 30 Dec 2010  

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She'd just danced her heart out on the strictly Come Dancing ballroom floor, So it must have been soothing for Abbey Clancy to have her husband by her side.

And ever the gradual, Peter Crouch not only carried her trolley suitcase but also gave his wife her coat as they left the TV studios into the October night.

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Ray Washburne gives Highland Park Village a facelift

beam WASHBURNE: imposing TYCOON

ray Washburne, A 6 foot 5 Highland estate lifer, Has been working since he was old enough to leave his front yard unaccompanied [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/discount-louboutin-shoes-online]discount louboutin shoes online[/url] mowing lawns, transmitting papers and, As an SMU pupil, ground cold dorm floors for incoming freshmen. at their 19, He began stock trading real estate.

His defining procedure was the 2009 purchase of Highland Park Village for $170 million, A deal done amid the chief financial calamity since the 1930s. [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/cheap-christian-louboutin-heels]Louboutin[/url] Washburne and his partners have been shooting a water cannon of money into the esteemed, But calm, shopping mall, Revamping the live entertainment, Building [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-louboutin-for-cheap]cheap christian louboutin[/url] patios and balconies and wooing high end stockists such as Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg. newest upgrade is the Marquee Grill Bar.

around his wife, pascal, Washburne is related to the oil rich Hunt family.

monday: charlotte now Jones Anderson


Rosewood in the court, Once a monumental hunk of "Whazzit, At Cedar springs and Pearl, Is filling in nicely. the particular addition is Dee Lincoln's Tasting [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/cheap-christian-louboutin]christian louboutin cheap[/url] Room Bubble Bar, The restaurateur's spin off of her Cowboys Stadium meeting your goal.

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Dee Lincoln's opens to people's Tuesday. Pre opening bashes thursday and Thursday were dowager intensive, But expect the median age to fall once word of the sparklers by the glass gets around.

thanks: returned GLOW FOR DTC

Four individuals ties to the Dallas Theater Center nabbed Tony Award nominations Tuesday: Playwright Douglas carter Beane (related Act), Actor john Rannells (the publication of Mormon) And scenic designers Beowulf Boritt (The Scottsboro bedroom) coupled with Todd Rosenthal (the most important [Expletive] of this Hat).

Beane wrote and Boritt did the sets for give it up, The pop musical technology that closed the 2009 10 DTC season and starred Rannells. Rosenthal was set custom made for The Trinity River Plays. Winners will be publicized June 12.

DTC regular Cedric Neal recently migrated to New York and was quickly scooped up by American Repertory [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-louboutin-cheap]Louboutin Outlet[/url] Theatre for Porgy and Bess. That meant laying off his role as the Tin Man in this summer's Theater Center mounting of The Wiz. But Neal's back in town Friday to sing spirituals in a world premiere by Complexions present day Ballet at the Winspear Opera House.
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Most outrageous fashion quotes at that time

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I don want to be anti French but there isn a more unattractive lot of people on the streets. Diane Von Furstenberg

[talking about wrap dresses] You attempt to slip out without waking a sleeping man, Zips are a headache. Haven you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the next few morning? I done that more often than not. Oscar de la Rentapeople think luxury is [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-shoes.html]louboutin cheap[/url] the exact opposite of poverty. it isn't really. It is and the second of vulgarity. Miuccia Prada

I design and wonder what i can agree, I think of someone having a bad time in life. Maybe they are sad and they wake up and put on something I have made and it means feel just a bit better. totally, for that sense, Fashion might be help in the life of a person. But [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/louboutins-cheap.html]christian louboutin cheap[/url] only a tad. Yves st,st Laurent

is definitely natural? precisely what's that? I do not believe in totally natural for women. for me personally, Natural has related to vegetables. I don even comprehend my natural hair colour is.

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The Galleria at Sowwah Square Announces unrivaled Mix of

ABU DHABI, u. s,usa Arab Emirates, April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ industry Hospitality (MREH) And Gulf concerned, coders of The Galleria at Sowwah Square, Today announced an unrivaled mix of retailers any The Galleria at Sowwah Square as Abu Dhabi's leading luxury retail destination to shop, eat, Meet and chill out. The go to represents a commitment from over 90 top global retail brands, comparable to over 85% of the development's available retail space. Additional premium fashion and lifestyle retailers and restaurants are expected to be named in the coming months.

slated to open in the third quarter of 2013, The Galleria at Sowwah Square will feature most of the world's iconic luxury fashion and fine jewelry brands including Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Aspinal based in london, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Brioni, Boucheron, Bulgari, Chaumet, melinda Louboutin, Dolce Gabbana, sally Perry, IWC, Jimmy Choo, emmanuel Kors, Panerai, Roger Dubuis and Van Cleef Arpels among others. The Galleria will also boast Abu Dhabi's first Berluti, Celine, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and Tory Burch retail locales.

meat Chalhoub, CEO this Chalhoub Group, asserted: "The Galleria at Sowwah Square is an outstanding project in which the Chalhoub Group and its partners are fully committed and engaged to make it the most vibrant destination of Abu Dhabi, Offering a unique luxury retail experience tailored to meet our customers' high hopes,

Renowned retail affiliates Chalhoub Group, Al Tayer Insignia and Richemont category, Owners of most of the best prestigious luxury retail and food and beverage brands, Have executed the leases with The Galleria at Sowwah Square bringing the marquee brands to the expansion.

Kh'sid al Tayer, CEO retail, Al Tayer squad said: "We are pleased to go for The Galleria at Sowwah Square, Which promises to be a wonderful retail destination. It is an exciting development that complements Al Tayer Group's commitment to excellence in service, time and design,

The Richemont Group is bringing a few of their largest brands to the Galleria including Cartier, Van Cleef Arples and Montblanc which may have remarked:

"Cartier is excited to be opening its second boutique in Abu Dhabi at the Galleria. The Galleria at Sowwah Square will definitely become a preeminent luxury shopping destination in Abu Dhabi. We thank Gulf identical, Marvin Traub connects and Mubadala for their support, Louis Ferla, regional Managing Director Cartier MEA India.

Alban Belloir, Van Cleef Arpels' Middle East and India Brand representative, had to talk about: "The Galleria at Sowwah Square distinguishes itself as an iconic project, Offering a [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/louboutins-cheap.html]cheap christian louboutin[/url] exceptional shopping and dining experience. It mirrors Van Cleef Arpels's passion for beauty, Elegance and magnificence,

Commenting on can be of Montblanc's latest boutique, dude Nahhas, Brand home, Montblanc mentioned: "the development strategy for Montblanc's boutique network into exclusively high end retail environments explains our presence in [our own Galleria at] Sowwah rectangle. This is a shopping and dining precinct that will become a key destination for our discerning clientele in Abu Dhabi and our latest boutique concept for Sowwah Square will offer our finest range of exclusive Limited Edition writing implements, designer watches, Fine leather goods and jewelry,

Additional brands at The Galleria at Sowwah Square will include Bimba y Lola, CH Carolina Herrera, shuttle, diesel-engined, Hackett, Hugo president, l. a,chicago Martina, Kenzo, l. a,chicago Senza,Lacoste, Sephora, Swarovski coupled with Vilebrequin.

Located in the centre of Abu Dhabi's exciting new mixed use Central Business District, The Galleria will feature something for everyone including a prestigious mix of luxury to mid market international and specialty [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-shoes.html]cheap louboutin shoes[/url] retailers alongside an accumulation signature licensed chef driven restaurants and cafes, All on the oceanfront. The Galleria will introduce inspiring architecture designed by the acclaimed global construction practices of Elkus Manfredi and Benoy. Best in class amenities include dedicated self and VIP valet parking service and an integrated network of climate [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-shoes.html]Discounts louboutins[/url] controlled pedestrian corridors that will provide indoor access to neighbouring residential and commercial developments. the type of 33,000 sq meter (355,000 sq. ft.) retail, Food and beverage benefits is spread across two levels and features a stunning sculptural glass and steel atrium roof providing an iconic image for the new centre, All before one of the most spectacular views of Abu Dhabi's skyline.

Ali Eid AlMheiri, accounting Director of MREH said: "Sowwah Square is envisioned to be a dynamic mixed use urban end point, With first class hotels, Premium Grade A office space last but not least the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange; This announcement is a life threatening step in realizing that vision. Nothing adds life and vibrancy to a vicinity like a world class shopping and dining precinct, And this high level of delivery will complement the entire Sowwah Square creativity on Al Maryah Island, previously Sowwah Island,

The Galleria at Sowwah Square will be part of a dynamic mixed use environment that will incorporate two 34 story luxury business hotels, Rosewood Abu Dhabi and Four periods Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island (Each with around 200 rooms and 130 apartment units), 180,000 sq meters (2million sq. ft,square centimeter) Of Grade A driveway and the new Headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, All next to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The in order to the four office towers, Al Sila structure, is open and occupied, With 33 tenants leasing more than 80% of the leasable area while Rosewood Abu Dhabi will be paid at the end of 2012.

The Galleria is a three way partnership (jv) Between MREH and Gulf related, A regional estate expansion and investment company.

Kenneth per. Himmel, Co using Partner of Gulf Related said: "We are thrilled with the response we have received from the international luxury retail and restaurant community to this unmatched project. the initial commitments we received from the Chalhoub Group, Al Tayer Insignia and Richemont Group underscore that the market has embraced our best in class offering and The Galleria's position amongst the region's most substantial retail [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-christian-louboutin-heels.html]louboutin cheap[/url] locations. We have formulated a dynamic, subtle and architecturally significant place for visitors to shop, consume food, And enjoy the City and good quality to opening our doors next year. "

Marvin Traub co-workers, A global leader in retail consultancy, Acted as Gulf Related's exclusive leasing advisor for The Galleria at Sowwah Square and is credited with the retail retailing strategy that has assembled the roster of compelling global fashion brands. Mortimer singer, President of Marvin Traub employees said: "The Galleria at Sowwah Square will bring together an accumulation first class global brands that rivals any shopping destination in any of the world's major capital cities. The Galleria takes luxury lifestyle retailing to the next level in the Middle East,

Karim El Solh, CEO of Gulf Capital and Co preventing Partner of Gulf Related said: "The Galleria at Sowwah Square will deliver a unique and exciting experience to Abu Dhabi and in so doing raise the bar for destination dining and luxury retail places in the UAE and the wider region. This first phase of retail responsibilities, Which represent [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-heels.html]cheap christian louboutin heels[/url] best in class and many first to offer retailers, Will ensure that The Galleria takes its place as a convenient location for international luxury fashion, Fine jewelry and dining in the heart of the UAE's capital,

The Galleria development represents the inaugural work for Gulf Related, Formed in 2009 as a partnership between Gulf Capital, One of the Middle East's leading possibility asset investment firms; And Related shops, One of the largest private real estate development and investment firms within the and developers of New York's landmark Time Warner Center and soon to begin 26 acre, 1.25m sqm, 13m sqft Hudson Yards mixed use development on Manhattan's West Side.

Mubadala was established and is owned by the us govenment of Abu Dhabi. It is a catalyst for the economic diversity of the Capital and the company's strategy is built on the management of partnerships and long term, Capital intensive opportunities that deliver strong financial returns and tangible social benefits for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A critical portion of Mubadala's broader mission, MREH strengthens overseeing projects that are part of the development plans of Abu Dhabi and that help drive the local tourism sector.

About Mubadala occurrence CompanyMubadala benefits Company (Mubadala) Is a catalyst for the economic variation of Abu Dhabi. Established and owned by the costa rica government of Abu Dhabi, you're able to send strategy is built on the management of partnerships and long term, Capital intensive investment that deliver strong financial returns and tangible social benefits for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, And contribute to the growth and diversity of its economy.

Mubadala brings together and manages a multi billion dollar portfolio of local, regional, And international investments and partners with leading global organizations to operate businesses across an array of industry sectors including aerospace, drive, medicinal, sector, Information phone calls and technology, commercial infrastructure, industry and hospitality. A critical component of Mubadala's broader mission, MREH enhances overseeing projects that are part of the development plans of Abu Dhabi and that help drive the local tourism sector.

With a mandate to drive Abu Dhabi's long term betterment and deliver key projects within The Urban Planning Council's Capital 2030 Plan, MREH invests in organize, Large scale private, non commercial and leisure districts being developed to the best standards of quality, Functionality and durability. Key Abu Dhabi projects include the introduction of Al Maryah Island (formerly Sowwah Island), Sowwah sq,rectangular and Arzanah.

Within the food sector, MREH is helping to drive the tourism sector by developing world class hospitality projects in Abu Dhabi, securing leading hotel operators to the Emirate. MREH also owns 50% of luxury hotel operator Viceroy Hotel Group and has been actively driving its expansion into key gateway cities and leading destinations across the country.

About Gulf RelatedGulf Related is a regional real estate development venture primarily focused on residential and high end mixed use real estate destination innovations in the Mena region. The venture represents a jv partnership between Gulf Capital, One of the Middle East's leading numerous asset management firms, And Related small businesses, One of the largest private real estate development and investment firms in the usa.

Related Companies and its principals pioneered the concept of mixed use urban development in the states beginning in the 1970s with its principals developing such destinations as Water Tower Place and 730 North Michigan in Chicago, the state of illinois, Copley put in place Boston, massachusetts and Reston Town Center in Reston, virginia, And Related developing such iconic developments as Time Warner Center in ny and soon to begin 26 acre, 1.25m sqm, 13m sqft Hudson Yards mixed use enterprise on Manhattan's West Side.

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Top Labels of hiphop Fashion

Hip Hop Fashion also known as urban fashion is a style that has made its claim in [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com]christian louboutin shop online[/url] the fashion world by the dark-colored teenagers of Los Angeles, the big apple, chi town, bay area, Detroit, And vinings. There is a huge demand for this fashion culture as many Rappers and other Hip Hop artists use fashion to make a to their loyal [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/Louboutin]christian louboutin cheap[/url] fans. This unique style is easily incomparable in the fashion world due to its distinctive outfits like baggy jeans, Snap shells, Low jeans and heavy [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-louboutin-shop-online]christian louboutin shop online[/url] Although trends change every now and again Hip Hop personalities have always been loyal to certain fashion labels. Here are the favourite fashion labels [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-louboutin-cheap]cheap christian louboutin outlet[/url] in Hip Hop today.

Tom ford

Tom Ford is a popular choice of artists [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-louboutin-for-cheap]Louboutin Online[/url] when they walk down the red carpet. This American designer has made his name by having good connections with celebrities and by also creating outstanding suits. Jay Z and Swizz Beatz have sported formal suits from [url=http://www.cheap-louboutins.com/christian-Louboutin-Discount]cheap louboutins[/url] Tom Ford. Is known to be the uniform of great Hip Hop artists all over the world with their signature tees and high top sneakers. This Parisian label has a huge fan base inclusive of Pharell. Offers a wide array of vintage jewellery that has made everyone in this industry wanting more. from the graphic tees to the ever so famous Arena sneakers. is a brand that is worth splurging for. Made a crossover to Hip Hop help of A$AP Rocky. The rapper is probably the millions of loyal fans of this label and is constantly rocking by collection. That why even rap artists collect Louboutin line of sneakers and spiked hybrids exactly like stamps. Rappers are always waiting for the next collections to be released. No wonder famous artists take a special flight to Paris just to see the preview of types.
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It's all about doing good work so the people you do know will seek out your more work. I'm just really happy,Is [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheapest-jordans]cheapest jordans[/url] children's theater the art form?Dixon: "identify, I get to [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/buy-cheap-jordans]buy cheap jordans[/url] play [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/air-jordan-shoes-for-sale]air-jordan-shoes-for-sale[/url] and be all these [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheap-jordans-online]cheap jordans online[/url] different things. And you never think that these romantic relationships you make in high school will impact you [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheap-air-jordans]cheap air jordans[/url] later in life.

"It takes just the right person, Shaw states. "Owen was physically ideal for this. He had the very best build for both positions. lately they have shown their confidence in design by launching the Single Fin range which is a tongue in cheek look at Surf culture. The pieces from [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheap-jordans-free-shipping]cheap jordans free shipping[/url] this range have a fun feel about them [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheap-jordans-for-women]cheap jordans for women[/url] and the cuts are more casual, This is a great direction and it shows that such a professional company can still have its finger on the pulse [url=http://www.cheap-airjordans.org/cheap-jordans-for-sale]cheap jordans for sale[/url] of the street wear scene. This shows the ever green attitude of Paul Smith,

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Do Longer Golf Courses potentially provide More Golf Injuries

Consumer Product Safety commission payment, transaction fee,compensation found that 103,000 golf related harm were treated in doctors offices, offices and emergency rooms in 2007. There were undoubtably additional injuries where the golfer did not request medical assistance.

tiger woods, jake Toms, And Fred Couples are one of the many PGA Tour pros who have had golf related injuries affect their game.

People tend to think about golf as an injury free sport. You [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]cheap jordans free shipping[/url] can learn golf as a child and enjoy the game for your life. So that experts claim people get hurt playing golf [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]cheap real jordans for sale[/url] may come as a surprise.

If you are a golf fan like me you may have noticed some interesting trends throughout the last 10 15 years:

title golf courses seem to be getting longer.

Average yards per drive is a key statistic in a pro's portfolio.

Tiger Woods perfectly as other pros know that competing pros are getting stronger and hitting longer. So Tiger and the others work hard at strengthing themselves for endurance and even longer drives.

Augusta experimented with "tiger proof" Their [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]buy cheap jordans online[/url] course they wanted to insure that the Augusta [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]cheap jordans shoes online[/url] National is quite a job to long hitters.

Golf club makers constantly bring out new clubs that increase driving distance.

the game designers respond by designing longer courses.

doctor golfers swing harder. Golf product can now measure the "swing movement speed" Of golfers beyond just the"Clubhead" quickness" maded by the swing, Faster clubhead speed supplies long drives. Faster swing speed results in faster clubhead speed. And faster [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]cheap jordans online[/url] swing speed is often achieved by a higher and longer backswing (Putting stress on rotator cups in the bare), More torque using the core muscles (with more stress). And any twisting force on the left knee (More worry).

Physical health is now a big part of a pro golfer's life. With a heavy practice and tournament situation schedule and consequent repetition in hard golf swings even the pros are subject to injury.

be aware of the risks of [url=http://www.cheap-jordansonline.com]cheap jordans sale[/url] injuries in golf

if you are a beginner, advanced beginner or even a scratch golfer, Be aware of the risk of harm. Forturnately there are activities to do to prevent golf injuries.

An excellent set of golf usage resources is offered by a team of professional golf instructors online to help you in every part of your golf game. Follow their advice professionals who log in fix your golf swing.
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This guy taught me more about the game speaking with me, and (via me) looking out him go about his business. Was a difficult weekend for Peavy. He was so into the scene in Boston that he purchased one of [url=http://www.ugg-cheap.com/women-uggs-for-cheap]women uggs for cheap[/url] the duck boats from the World Series parade and he having it reconditioned in Red Sox colors.

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Should you be particularly nervous about evaluating for a particular work, it can be alright to train very first. Make a list of concerns you wish to ask and remember them prior to your meet with. Request a family member or friend to imitate an actual talk to together with you so you can become more comfortable if it really happens.

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Новое производство с 1993 года
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Продается кампания по металлообработке в Эстонии

Стабильное и прибыльное европейское производство
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Полный цикл производства - от проектировки до монтажа
Новое производство с 1993 года
Сплоченная команда из 20 специалистов
Заказчики, государственные структуры и компании северной европы
Объем производства 1500 тон в год
Земля и недвижимость в собственности
Удобное расположение в Европе - Эстония, Таллин

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Финансовые показатели фирмы за 2017 год:
оборот 1 820 000 €
затраты 1 670 000 €
прибыль 50 000 €
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Продается кампания по металлообработке в Эстонии

Стабильное и прибыльное европейское производство
компания занимается производством металлоконструкций любой сложности

Полный цикл производства - от проектировки до монтажа
Новое производство с 1993 года
Сплоченная команда из 20 специалистов
Заказчики, государственные структуры и компании северной европы
Объем производства 1500 тон в год
Земля и недвижимость в собственности
Удобное расположение в Европе - Эстония, Таллин

Сохраните и умножьте свой капитал
Инвестируйте в стабильное европейское предприятие
Бизнес с чистой прибылью 50 000 евро в год
Стоимость предприятия растет на 8-12% в год, но с русской смекалкой, показатели стану лучше.
Европейский союз – гарантия сохранности капитала

Финансовые показатели фирмы за 2017 год:
оборот 1 820 000 €
затраты 1 670 000 €
прибыль 50 000 €
объем производства 1500 тонн

Возможность за месяц получить эстонскую визу, и другие плюсы можно узнать, позвонив по телефону или написать на емайл. Встретим в Таллине, покажем и расскажем в лучшем виде.

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