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Ghantoot Chalet

This is our 3 bedroom chalet

Ghantoot Chalet
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on the beach 19 May 2005  The Bold Shark

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When Alan Ladd starred the 1957 film Boy on a Dolphin, Sophia Loren had to walk in a trench near to him so filmgoers couldn't tell she was taller than him. Loren was 5ft 8in of chinese voluptuousness, whereas Ladd was 5ft 5in tall and, In their own words, anyone with "the public presence of an ageing choirboy and the build of an undernourished featherweight, the following year, When video panel hardman Ladd starred in The Deep Six, He stood on boxes so as not to appear smaller than his co stars.

more than half a century on, Another man who is 5ft 5in tall is similarly doing his damnedest to hide the shortness of his stature. Earlier immediately, French president Nicolas Sarkozy gave a televised speech at the Faurecia motor advancement plant near Caen in Normandy. He stood before the cameras flanked by white coated workers and suited pros, virtually no of whom were taller than him. A journalist apparently asked one of them later: "Is it true you were all picked to appear alongside the president because of your height because you shouldn't be taller than the president, The worker indicated: "right that, And French TV news showed 20 more or less small Faurecia workers from a total workforce of 1,400 being bussed to the press conference from other areas of the site.

Sarkozy's aides were keen build no [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-christian-louboutin-heels.html]louboutins cheap[/url] repeat of the D day debacle in June when, Just along the Normandy coast in Colleville sur Mer, Sarkozy had stood next to 6ft 1in barack obama and 5ft 11in Gordon Brown during the 65th anniversary commemoration ceremony. French virility had been symbolically castrated by an Anglo American height conspiracy theory.

then again, You may be asking, Why did Sarko bother to try to conceal the reality regarding his height? Surely the French president or his aides must realise that any tries to conceal his relative shortness will make him look even more ridiculous than with all due respect he does already? Surely someone should tell him it is madness to stand on a little box facing a lectern to give a speech (as they did in Colleville sur Mer), Since any snapper worth their salt would photograph him not from the front but from the side thus making his pathetic ruse globally apparent?

new discovery about short guys that makes them go to such great lengths (hello there) To conceal what they are really? now you have an old story. in older days, Humphrey Bogart (5ft 8in) Would stand one step above his leading ladies (Lauren Bacall, 5ft 8in, Katharine Hepburn, 5ft 7in) When they were snapped coming down the steps from a plane, Recalls Ralph Keyes in his book about the hilarities of human off shoot, The Height you can make. yr after, Tom jaunt (5ft 7in) Reprised Bogey's product when he appeared outside a New York theatre, Standing not one but housing above his wife Katie Holmes (5ft 9in).

Why did it have to be property? because Holmes (Selfishly, for my part) Had chosen to go out that evening wearing four inch patent black christian Louboutin heels, Which clearly made the chances of a disastrous night out and about, PR smart, Catastrophically apt. in reality the three step ploy didn't work: The each and every day Mail, warming up, Ran utilizing headline, "Tiny Tom finds a way to rise above his shortcomings,

trip, Bogey, sly (who more later): Small male celebrities, about, perhaps may be, Like Gloria Swanson in Sunset blvd, Telling themselves and us they're not small. "we are big, Hissed Swanson. "It's the pictures that got small, The intolerable truth that none of the foregoing allow themselves to admit is they're not as big as they want to be. Why do they delude ourselves and attempt to con us? "We couple size with power, tells Keyes. take into account, as an example, our planet's leading Hobbit interpreter, Elijah solid wood. He was allowed to be about 4ft 2in tall in the Lord of the Rings films. in the real world, while, solid wood is 5ft 6in, While his co star Liv Tyler is relatively 5ft 10in. Yet on the cover of home entertainment Weekly to publicise the Tolkein trilogy, He appeared imposing over her. Male actors have trouble with being seen to be shorter than women.

But there is a very justified reason for that. According to Dutch psychologist Professor Abraham Buunk of the University of Groningen, Tall men have greater success with a man or woman. So pretending to be tall may confer a sexual and thereby transformative advantage. Larger males will win fights, Are more dominating, Have clout applying the Ivy's maitre d', make eye contact with bar staff at crucial moments, not to mention, most importantly, are more likely to reproduce. quite possibly true, That wasn't my life story, Even though I would be 6ft 1in if I stood straight up, But then often there is someone who ruins the theory. For male personalities, For whom being desirable to women is obligatory to a thriving career, Size is as much as possible.

Buunk's researchers questioned 100 men and 100 women in relationships about their feelings of jealousy and how interested they believed their partners to be in other members of a man or woman. They found taller men were less envious. unsurprisingly, 5ft 4in men scored an average of 3.75 out of six on a envy scale, within the men around 6ft 6in getting just 2.25. The results among women were more, With those of around average height (5ft 6in) scoring lowest for jealously, At around three out of six.

But is there such a thing as short woman syndrome? The speediest women in Buunk's study, Who deliberated around 5ft, Scored five on the scale, because the tallest, during 6ft, Got an average of four. So is there a tall woman problem too, Whereby women over 6ft tall more boldly overcompensate because they're livid about Buunk's thesis, Whereby not necessarily just tall men, on top of that medium height women, Have greater success with a man or woman? Is that why the explosive grunt of top tennis player Lindsay Davenport, that's 6ft 2 in, Has been recorded at an ear cracking 88 decibels? guess what happens? not likely.

moving forward to. considering what it takes called the Napoleon complex, Which was selected by the psychoanalyst Alfred Adler, By means of which small men should overcompensate for their height by aggressiveness. [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-heels.html]christian louboutin for cheap[/url] Lou Reed, 5ft 5in of handshake smashing anger (Just ask meeting your goal ever interviewed him), Is the present day personification of this complex. But this theory is questionable: if it turns out, progressively, Short men are known to overcompensate for their smallness by being aggressive, Surely bigger men, disrupted with being duffed up by short, inferior blokes, Will themselves turn aggressive so it shouldn't get picked on so much, Thus confounding the theory. often, the theory is all but sunk by counter examples: a fact, Stalin came to be 5ft 4in, And Hitler and Mussolini were small men filled in the brim with pure evil, but it's folly to associate badness with titchiness. Khrushchev and Gandhi were both 5ft 3in and eternally occupy different positions on the aggressiveness scale. And while Alexander Pope questioning wrote some very biting verses, It would be a mistake to ascribe this to the fact that he did so because he was chippy about being only 4ft 6in.

truly, The Napoleon complex available short shrift (So very distressing) From the or even of Central Lancaster, Where researchers quite a while ago asked men of different heights to duel with wooden sticks in a so called Chopstick Game. One man would on purpose provoke the other by rapping them across the knuckles. Heart monitors revealed taller men lost their temper more quickly and hit back. "The results were in conjuction with the view that small man syndrome is a myth, Says psycho therapist Dr Mike Eslea. "when people see a short man being aggressive, They are likely to think it is due to his size simply because that attribute is obvious and grabs their attention,

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