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Desert adventurers, sea waves riders, mountains climbers, motorcycle riders, nature lovers, this is who we are and this is how we will always be.


Being a member of the UAE Trips means being a sharing, loving and co-operative and courageous person. It also means having the ultimate fun and the missing challenge your life has always needed .


Doing and learning new things, exploring new places and meeting new people are some of thousands of elements that are characterizing UAE Trips .



The UAE Trips was established on Thursday, February 27, 2003 organizing a trip to the beach for our friends/colleagues at work, it ended up great and successful.


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Everyone has enjoyed the different activities that were available. A group of people among those who have attended that trip thought of keeping and organizing such interesting trips to change the boring routine which was slowly going through our lives.


The following trips had to be more organized and the activities in each and every coming trip were increasing , therefore money was collected from the founders of the group in order to buy new tools, equipments and games. It was also spent on the development of the UAE Trips website which you are viewing now.

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